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So my dad and a couple friends and I were out shooting. Broke out the Spanish FR-8 .308. If you ever get a chance to shoot one of these, do it. If you ever see one for sale, definitely buy it. It's quite hard to find and an excellent gun.

So anyway, we're shooting...stuff. Do a Google for "Tannerite"; buy some before it's illegal. It's AWESOME stuff. Anyway, I break out the XD for some practice.

Let me tell you about my dad. He's familiar with guns, been around them his whole life. But he's a revolver guy, no two ways about it. His weapon of choice: circa ~1985 6" S&W 586 .357 Magnum. His backup gun? A Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum. The ONLY semi he's ever shot and liked was his Colt Government .45 ACP. He hated the Glock he shot. He hated the Kel-Tec. He even wasn't impressed with the USP.

So I load up a mag for him, we're ~15-20 yards away, shooting at paper plates; he puts all of them into the plate off hand; about a 6" group. He turned to me and smiled the smile of a man who genuinely enjoyed shooting that XD.

I load up a mag, light's getting dim outside, pressure is on to shoot my own gun better than my dad. I shoot my 9 rounds; group 4" with a flier high expanding it to 6". Scoring for points, I had him, as many of mine were dead center. Size wise, we had the same size groups.

So I load up another mag; starting to get very dim and hand it to my friend. She's no newb to shooting; she was 3rd in the country air rifle a couple years back and shot that that FR-8 like a pro. So I'm showing her how to work the gun, she's cool, racks the slide and rides it back down instead of letting it slam.

I think to myself, "Self, it'll be fine." Sure enough, *click*, no BOOM. I get the gun, drop the mag, hold it for half a second or so pointed downrange. When it didn't cook off, I cycled the round out of the chamber and looked; sure enough, there was a dent in the primer; way off center but still fairly strong. The gun was out of battery.

I showed her why the gun did that, let her try again, and alas, no malfuntions. She finished the mag, and we called it quits for the day.

Later my dad's talking to me and tells me that he was very impressed with the XD, and didn't expect to like it. He likes his guns made of metal instead of plastic, you see. I'm still impressed with such great shooting out of such a small package. Too bad I can't say that I've never had a malfunction with it anymore though. At least I know for sure that it was user caused instead of mechanical.

Sorry to be so long and rambly, and thanks for reading this far. :)
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