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Just got back from the range. Put another 232 rounds of mixed range ammo (Magtech 165 gr. and 180 gr., American Eagle 165 gr., and Herter's 180 gr.) through the XDm 3.8 Compact .40. Flawless. I took along the XDsc .40 to compare the recoil between the two. Let me preface my comparison though. When I got the XDsc .40 I expected it to be a total Snap-o-saurus. To my pleasant surprise, it was not. For me, one of the softest shooting .40's I'd ever shot, even compared the the XD .40 Service. Given that, I have to say the XDm manages recoil even better. Accuracy between the two is almost a draw to me, with perhaps a slight edge to the XDm. May have just been today though, so I'll stick with my draw conclusion.

On the first target, I shot at roughly 10 yds. for four mags, then moved out to the max distance of roughly 17 yds. for four mags, then back into 10 yds. All shots were approximately at a two shot per second pace and shooting at one particular number/color/shape.

On the second target, all shots were at 10 yds. alternating between numbers/colors/shapes in no particular order at the same pace listed above. The last twenty or so shots were one handed, both right and left. The big miss flyers were all shot with the left hand and were a result of trying to shoot follow ups too quickly. Lesson learned.

With now about 450 rounds through the gun, including 60 JHP's, I'm quite confident in its reliability, but like any other carry weapon for me, it will continue to get range time on a regular basis. I think it will make a fine addition to my selection of carry weapons, and as a bonus, will offer a few more rounds than the XDsc .40, which is currently my go to gun.

Keep it locked and loaded my friends!


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glad you like your XDMc .... love mine!!

I'm at well over a thousand rounds through my full size XDM, and probably just under a thousand rounds through my XDMc 9mm..... no failures of any sort through either of them. Great guns!!
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