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225 Rounds of Bliss

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Another successful trip to the range for my XD9 SC. Tried a new range today that is a bit farther away, but they let you bring your own ammo which is a huge plus.

So, started off with 50 rounds of CCI Blazer - no problems. Had no malfunctions and the only reason my groups were big is because it's cold outside!

Then, tried 50 rounds of regular Remington 115gr and didn't like them as much. No malfunctions, but they seemed to shoot noticeably lower.

Then I ran 100 rounds of WWB though - pretty much identical performance to the Blazers.

Finally, ran 25 rounds of Golden Saber 124gr +P. Best round of them all (and it better be for the price ratio!). Had the best groupings and no errors at all!

Man, I love this gun!
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Fire in the hole! Keep it up, you are doing well. :lol:

Who is that in your avatar? Willem Dafoe?
It's Bruce Campbell from the movie Army of Darkness. That's also where the quote in my sig comes from.
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