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My Google-Fu is weak today.

I just got in an order of sabots to load up for my 308Win rifle. Unfortunately, all the load data I can find is for a 55gr bullet. I picked up some 50, 55 and 62gr bullets to use with this, and can't find any data. Since I'm still pretty new to handloading, I'm not confident with experimenting. I really don't want to blow up my gun or myself.

Remington700 SPS Stainless, 24" barrel, 10" twist

.308Win once fired Winchester Branded.

SS109 62gr FMJBT
Hornady 55gr FMJBT
Varmint Grenades 50gr

Powder= ???
I already have Varget and H4895 on hand. Will either of these work ok?

Ideas, suggestions, stories of past mistakes. All are welcome.
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