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JULY 24th & 25th
Match Held at Snow Shoe Gun Club in Kenai, Alaska
10 Stages ☺ 200+ Rounds
Match Fee: $70.00 , Junior Fee: $35.00 / Due by June 25th,2004

Talk about a dream vacation. Go Salmon fishing on the Kenai River or plan a deep sea Halibut trip AND shoot a fantastic pistol match. :D

Trophies awarded per current USPSA rules.
(Will also have a steel plate side match.)
A few pics from the 2003 Sectional and 3 gun match: ANPRACS

If you want an entry form, post a reply, or PM/Email me with your email address and I will send it via email (MS Word doc), or can snail mail if needed. Or print it: http://www.anpracs.org/matchapp.htm
(Stage sponsorships are available and donations for the prize table are ALWAYS welcome. PM/Email me for details.)

What is USPSA? Just point and click it :!:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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