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well today was my first time shooting a handgun. my xd-9 was awesome!! went to tactical zone in wpb. awesome place 5 lanes and you can bring your own ammo!!! anyhow here's my targets

one was at 15 yards the other was at 25 yards. :x i forget which was which now.... oh well next time i know to mark them as i take them down. learned a good lesson my buddy was shooting his 2 glocks 40sw. in the lane to the left of me. well the standard size was fine but when he started shooting the baby i was getting casings hitting me on the head&arm, had to quit and wait for another lane to open up. next time he shoots on the right.

blew through my 200 rounds of wwb that i had brought and picked up another box of lellier&bellot 50 count.
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