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You do have a few options.

The first is a cheap one that WILL make a difference. That is, to call Springfield and order a set of Mil-Spec 3 dot sights. They go right on the GI slide with no alterations. They run about 30 bucks and a smith will not charge you much to put them on. Mine put a set on my GI while I waited.

The second is to seek out a good set that has a dovetail and tenon that match the Springfield sizes. They ARE different from Colts and a few shops like Wilson and others know what size fits the Springers. Kings Gun Works in CA used to make a set of their "hardball" sights that fit the Springfield slide. They're reasonable but Kings went out of biz a while back. I think some makers do produce a stake on front that will match the Springer tenon...check around and be sure to ask.

The third option is to get a set of dovetailed sights and have the front of the slide dovetailed. This is expensive, but the best way to ensure that you have sights hat are on really well and won't shoot loose.

Good luck in your search.

- brickboy240
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