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So, after a lot of research, lot of face to face with gunshop employees :shock:..

No one seems to know how to take apart a series 80 1911 slide with the extra safety. Hehe, they had a hard enough time trying to put an Ed Brown 1911 back together. Very tight and so pretty, but I digress.

I can get the firing pin out by holding in the safety from the inside of the slide, but the extractor will not come out. Moves out only about 3/16" of an inch and won't budge.

At work so can't post a pic.

The only possible idea I've gotten is from an exploded view diagram of a model 80.
It would appear you would have to remove the rear sights to get that safey pin and spring out from the top.

Can someone verify this for me? :?:
I mean, that just sounds like a silly way to do that.

I'll not buy another model 80 if that's what it is....

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A Colt Series 80 (everything else is something else) is not that hard. It's hard for me to put it into words so see the second post in this link.

Series 80 Detail Strip - THR
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