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Well since my wifes 13 year old lives with his dad, he doesnt get to shoot much. He lives 2 hours away but we do get him every other weekend like clock work.

Hes been shooting my guns at the range since he was probaby 8 years old and has fired everything we have here to include the .44. Last year I took him the the gun shop and told him I would buy any shotgun (within reason) that he wanted. He picked out a NE 410 and now thinks Im going to buy him a 9mm XD for Christmas this year :shock: .

We have him for several weeks at a time during the summer and I started letting him shoot my Buckmark .22 at our tuesday night USPSA league so he could get used to shooting while moving and reloading, etc... The one part about all of this is that he shot perfect scores! Times were slow but not his splits or transitions. I emphisized safety and concentration rather than speed at this point.

This next weekend coming up we have a club level match in his town so we are going to pick him up and let him shoot my SubXD9. I hate to say it but other than his mothers XD9, its the only other 9mm in the house and I shoot a .40 which I dont think he is ready for at this point. I thought of downloading the .40 to minor PF so he could shoot in production and then I would shoot the sub for that one match but I dont want to change my setup as I have an Area match coming up in a couple weeks and dont want to chance anything.

I hope he doesnt beat his mom and I too bad...lol He is pretty excited about it and so are we. I havent told him yet but as soon as I get my new gun, Im going give him my Sig .40 to shoot. I want to buy another set of .40 dies so I dont have to change my setup and I'll download it to minor. Eventually we will probaby buy him a 9mm Tactical.

I think the XD is such a great platform for new and old shooters alike, the ergonomics (big word of the day) are definately a big plus on this gun, as of the safeties.

Hope I didnt ramble too much, just really darn proud of him!

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I bought my 14 year old son and XD40 Tactical earlier this year so that he can shoot USPSA matches with me. We both shoot the same major power factor ammo. I would go with the .40 for him and just load it down to minor for a while if you are concerned with recoil. .40 minor is a very soft shooting load. Then when he gets used to that you won't have to buy him another gun.

The load we use to make major is.....

4.6gr TightGroup
180gr Berry's Bullets
Mixed brass (I buy all my brass as once fired)
Federal Primers
1.125 OAL ( you can't load very long or they won't fit in the mags)
.419 Crimp

Well, I'm going to go wake up my son so we can go to the range. I'm sure you will all have alot of fun shooting together.

Take Care.
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