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12 Round Magazine Problems

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Just got my Service XD40 last week and have noticed something. It came with 2 12 round magazines and if I load them to full capacity they are way harder to push in and also the eject button is REALLY REALLY hard to push to get the magazine out way too hard to do with just your thumb. If you take one round out and leave them at 10 or 11 rounds they don't have this problem. Great forum btw everything on here has been very informative.
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Fire a few hundred rounds through the bad boy and things will start to loosen up a bit. You should notice that it isn't as hard to put all 12 rounds in and locking the mag into place gets easier.

just my $0.02.
I have only put about 200 rounds through it so i figured it would loosen up some, I have a speedloader so getting the 12th round in isn't such a hassle just getting the magazine to eject is. So I hope that it does loosen up some. But other than that great gun i shot two magazine and kept them all in the center mass area. So im happy
When ejecting a full or nearly full magazine just push up with your weak had while pressing the eject button. You will find the eject button much easier to press if you push the magazine up. It will get even easier as the magazine spring break in.

Fill the mags up with 12 and leave them in for a while. Mine took two nights to lossen up to where I could put the 12 in with just my bare hands.

Over time the mag release will loosen up also.

Though i consider the fact that it is hard to drop a full mag a "feature" and not a bug. :).

Though do not loose the speed loader, a girl might need it to load the 12 round (my girlfriend did at least)
was that an insult towards me :p just kidding thanks for the advice they have loosened up some
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