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    Anyone use a compensator for the xdm treaded barrel? I’m interested in a 2 port shorty but I heard there could be problems using one. Anyone have any thoughts on this? From XD Gun Parts
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    Man I’m so new to this! Just bought an XDM Elite 9mm but I had no clue I had to find a bracket to fit an optic. Yes Springfield sends you one for free, but I know that I saw that all 3 brackets were included with the pistol. Now I’m sitting here with an optic that I can not install until my...
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    I've got a XD(m) Elite OSP 4.5 9mm with a Trijicon RMR RM07, Streamlight TLR-1 HL and a Springer Precision Shorty Compensator. (See Picture). Ammo Used: Midwest Ammunition 115gr FMJ I found out that a compensator needs a reduced power spring. I shot it with the stock spring of 18 lb and the...
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    I just bought the springfield xdm elite with the 4.5 inch barrel. I have been looking around on the internet but I can't seem to find any accessories for it. Specifically I am looking for a laser sight to attach to it. Does anyone know of any that will work with the elite? Thanks!
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    After agonizing over which of the many entry-level competition handguns to buy, I finally chose the newly introduced Springfield XDm Elite Precision 5.25. The contenders were the M&P PC M2.0 5", the CZ P10F, , the Walther Q5 Match, the Canik TP9SFx or the Bersa thunder Pro XT, but in the end I...