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  1. General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    Very excited... Just bought these and love them. Can't find many holster choices for these... Are they the same size as some other XDM models?
  2. XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    Anyone know of anyone that produces a OSP plate for the XDM that fits a holosun 507k or 407k. There are companies that make one to dovetail to rear sight but not OSP. Currently the only way I’ve heard to get a K model holosun on a XDM is to get plate #2 from SA and do some modifications. I’ve...
  3. Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    Anyone have something on the XDm 3.8 compact OSP that is newer than 9m to 3 years ago? Just got mine yesterday (6/10/2021) and need some advice on the 14 round mag with extended base that is not extended enough. Anyone make a "pinky" extended base or plus 1 or 2 or 3 for the Xdm Elite mags that...
  4. Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    Hello all. I was really disappointed to learn that CAA RONI pistol conversion kits can't be used with the 5.25 threaded barrel on the XDM Elite. Does anyone know of any pistol conversion kits, preferably one with the additional magazine well, that could accommodate my gun? Thanks in advance.
  5. General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    Anyone use a compensator for the xdm treaded barrel? I’m interested in a 2 port shorty but I heard there could be problems using one. Anyone have any thoughts on this? From XD Gun Parts
  6. XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    Man I’m so new to this! Just bought an XDM Elite 9mm but I had no clue I had to find a bracket to fit an optic. Yes Springfield sends you one for free, but I know that I saw that all 3 brackets were included with the pistol. Now I’m sitting here with an optic that I can not install until my...
  7. XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    I've got a XD(m) Elite OSP 4.5 9mm with a Trijicon RMR RM07, Streamlight TLR-1 HL and a Springer Precision Shorty Compensator. (See Picture). Ammo Used: Midwest Ammunition 115gr FMJ I found out that a compensator needs a reduced power spring. I shot it with the stock spring of 18 lb and the...
  8. Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    I just bought the springfield xdm elite with the 4.5 inch barrel. I have been looking around on the internet but I can't seem to find any accessories for it. Specifically I am looking for a laser sight to attach to it. Does anyone know of any that will work with the elite? Thanks!
  9. General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    After agonizing over which of the many entry-level competition handguns to buy, I finally chose the newly introduced Springfield XDm Elite Precision 5.25. The contenders were the M&P PC M2.0 5", the CZ P10F, , the Walther Q5 Match, the Canik TP9SFx or the Bersa thunder Pro XT, but in the end I...
1-9 of 9 Results