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  1. Finally finished this guy.

    General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    First time doing anything like this and I have to admit im pretty satisfied with the outcome. Let me see what yall have done.
  2. XDM 4.5in Barrel frame rattles with and without mag both loaded and not loaded

    General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    As in the title, by 9mm XDM rattles when you shake it, I just got it yesterday and haven't shot it yet. I noticed when I was loading a magazine. I took the slide off and it wasn't the slide. It sounds like it's part of the frame connecting to the slide (sorry, still rather new to firearms) I was...
  3. Can an XD mod 2 slide work on an XD classic frame,

    XD Gunsmithing and Maintenance
    Hi, Can an xd Mod 2 slide work on a classic xd frame? The reason I ask as I saw a guy with what looked to be a firearm of that combination. Thanks