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  1. Recoil spring for XD 45 4-inch barrel?

    XD-45ACP Discussion Room
    Have looked around the internet, but can't seem to find replacement recoil springs for my older XD 45 with 4-inch barrel. Anybody know where to find? Thanks.
  2. I have just recently got the "gun bug"

    New Member Welcome Center
    Hi! I'm Jonathan out of Alpine, Ca. I have a XD 4" Service .45ACP. Waiting on my background for the XD9 3" bitone subcompact 9mm. Also have a Mossberg 500. A ruger 1022LR. As well as an AR I just recently got through building...love hitting the range at least twice a month. Well just wanted to...
  3. XD mod 2 45 magzine swap

    XD-45ACP Discussion Room
    i have mod 2 45 10 round mag, that I would like to swap for a 13 round. My XD Mod2 45 10 round for a 13 rounder
  4. Springer Persicion Marine Grip

    Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    I'm looking to upgrade my XD 45's grip. Anybody put the Springer Persicion marine grips on? Pros and cons?