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  1. AR Talk
    About six years ago I bought my Bushmaster AR15A3 carbine. I didn't think much about optics at the time. Now I wish I didn't buy one with a front sight. I took the upper, minus the handle, to a friends house to fit it with a red dot he wanted to sell. When I looked through the optic the red dot...
  2. Optics For Sale or Trade
    Vortex Venom Red-Dot (VMD-3103) 3moa. Ordered while a trigger job was being done. When the gun came back I discovered that the trigger work had solved my problem. So it was installed and used exactly once. $160 which includes shipping.
  3. AR Talk
    Hey guys new to the forums! Just got a dpms oracle as I'm a college kid and don't wanna break the bank but was wondering if a vortex crossfire 24 power would hold up on the 223/556? Looking just to coyote hunt and try to make some mmooneeyy!! Wanna be able to see out there a ways and maybe pull...
1-3 of 3 Results