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  1. SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    "Water doesn't compress". I hadn't thought about that before relative an engine, compression in the cylinders, and the likelihood of serious damage. https://survivalblog.com/2021/03/31/avoiding-water-damage-engines-michael-z-williamson/
  2. SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    I keep my get-home bag (GHB) (and gloves, shoes...) in a large duffel bag the back of the SUV. It works, but I'd prefer to keep the items in a hard-sized container. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've looked at the reviews on Amazon for containers from Plano and Rubbermaid, and it seems...
  3. SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    The 1980 song "Cars" was based on a road-rage incident. The singer Gary Newman was able to escape in West London in his Ford Cortina, but perhaps only because the pavement in that spot was quite wide. The author FerFal has written about one's daily-driver vehicle and being able to jump a curb...
  4. SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    Surrounding protesters start smashing up your car. You fear for your life. What can you legally do? I don't know various State laws on this. Accurate commentary appreciated for the benefit of all. from the article: What does the law say? The quick answer is that a motor vehicle is pretty...
1-4 of 11 Results