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  1. HS-2000 with Canyon Creek trigger job and 5 mags

    XD Firearms for Sale
    HS-2000 USPSA Production ready with Canyon Creek trigger job and extra mags For sale is my original HS-2000 (XD Service) for sale. I shot this in USPSA Production division for a while. Rich at Canyon Creek performed his full house trigger job and it’s outstanding - light and a VERY short...
  2. Convert XD9 4" Service to 5"

    Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    Bought my Springfield XD 4" service (along with a number of other firearms) last year in anticipation of Kalifornia's ever-dwindling list of permitted firearms which refreshes (read: gets smaller) every Jan. 1. (if you're curious:CA DOJ list.) Am considering IDPA & USPSA competition and this...
  3. 40 USPSA/IPSC Load Data

    Hand Loaded Ammunition
    After a winter of working on the house I finally got back down to the basement and loaded 4 test loads for the upcoming USPSA/IPSC season. I previously used the first load listed 4.6 at 1.130 oal for last season, but wanted to see if I could get softer loads if possible. Based on the data...
  4. USPSA Open Nationals 2015 Day One

    Gun Games: Shooting Competition
    My first Nationals and WOW. Now I understand why it's so challenging. The stages aren't elaborate but there's like a million ways of shooting them and the disaster factor is high! You have a high-risk option with huge payouts but really bad penalties if you screw up. The big boys risk it because...