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  1. Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    I was looking at promags 20 round magazine listed as springfield armory XD9 9mm I didn’t see any options for a sub compact. ( Which I have). I am looking to purchase a couple of 16-20 rd mags for my XD-9 9mm. Subcompact and I want to make sure what I get, fits and has the correct sleave on it...
  2. General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    just got my Springfield XD sub compact 9mm Last week, wondering if anyone has any info on brass vs steal casings on this gun. I found a good deal at a local ammo supply store on steal casings and wondering if anyone has had problems shooting steal casing with this model Any info and or...
  3. XD Accessories for Sale
    Switched to AIWB in lieu of a skateboarding accident, they've each seen less than 50 hours of wear. $110 each, they're $125 new and no wait/lead time :D Here's the XD-Sub holster Here's the XDs holster: The folks at SA are giving away four magazines so if you get into a new pistol a...
  4. New Member Welcome Center
    Got my XD Subcompact over a year ago now and am looking to add a bit to it to really make it my own. Found this forum during my search and am open to suggestions for things to add. Looking for recommendations on decent sights to attach as well as something to add to the grip.
  5. Want To Buy
    Hey all, I'm looking for .45acp 3.3" mags, mag holders, OWB holster for my Mod.2. the XD gear stuff is fine, as my Mod.2 didn't come with it cause I guess they don't wanna give more for your money anymore. I purchased it before this recent gear giveaway. Anyway, I'd prefer 13 rounders, Must...
1-5 of 5 Results