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  1. Stealthgear Scorpion modification

    CCW and Open Carry Talk
    I wanted to install a wedge on my Mod.2's Scorpion holster so I decided I'd try out a simple modification. I bought the Flex Hardware Kit also from Stealthgear because I like having spare parts for my holsters, and used some of the extra hardware supplied. Extra parts needed for this mod: 1×...
  2. Sig Sauer P938 - Arizona

    Other Firearms for Sale
    For sale is my Sig P938. I am going back to the polymer 9mm game with either a G43 or XDS. So, I'm selling the 938. $650 gets you the gun and two holsters shipped to your FFL. The holsters are RDR Crossfire AIWB ($40) and a Stealthgear Revolution AIWB ($59). The 938 has TG night sights (not the...
  3. My yearlong experience with 2 Holsters.

    Gear Talk
    Was gonna hit the range today but it's raining. I've been meaning to post about this so let's do it. I wanted to do a comparison between 2 popular Holsters. Wear each one for 6 months or so and see what I thought after. Let me caveat this with these are my own experiences and thoughts. Yours...
  4. XDs 3.3 & Stealth Gear IWB Review (vs Crossbreed MiniTuck)

    XD-S Discussion Room
    I have read so many useful things here I figured I'd offer a bit of a review of the StealthGear IWB my wife got me for Christmas for my XDs of the 3.3 variety. I have been carrying it in either a pocket holster made of kydex (in summer months) or in a MiniTuck from Crossbreed. The reason why...
  5. stealthgear USA holster for Mod 2 9mm

    Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    Hello all, wanted to share some information regarding my recent purchase for an IWB holster. I purchased the holster from eBay on 9/1/15 and it was delivered today at 9/18/15. I paid approximately $96 including shipping. I purchased the Onxy version for leftys. I was pleasantly surprised...