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  1. General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    Hello, Will an XD Tactical slide work on a Service Model grip? I haven´t found any information on this and I´m looking to buy a DV8 slide to use my duty XD40 Service pistol on USPSA and IDPA matches and I wanted to get a 5" slide.
  2. General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    Hello to everyone, I own an XD40, when I bought the gun it only came with two magazines that have the following engraving: "Restricted Law Enforcement Government use only S.I Geneseo, IL. USA ". These are 12 round magazines and have 4, 8 and 12 round holes on the back of the mag. Now that I...
  3. Gear Talk
    I have been trying to find an OWB and IWB for my Mod.2 4" Service Model with Threaded Barrel and can find nothing. Has anyone found any nice holsters that will fit the suppressor height sights and bbl thread cap? I'd love to go with the new Alien Gear holsters, but when I contacted them (twice)...
  4. XD MOD.2
    Hey, I'm new to this forum and was just curious about some things. I own a Springfield XD MOD 2 9mm service model, and when I fill the magazines all the way up with 16, one of the rounds seems to rattle around in the magazine, is this common or is there a way to fix this? Also I was looking to...
  5. XD MOD.2
    I just got the XD-Mod.2 4" version the other day. First matter that needs to be taken care of is a holster. I looked through our entire "list your xd mod 2 holster" thread and found a couple of things but the vast majority of those posts are for the sub compact 3.3" version so many of those...
1-5 of 5 Results