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  1. XD-S Discussion Room
    So I've had the XDs for a while but the gritty trigger is annoying me and I believe it is making me less accurate. It goes like this: Smooth takeup Creep tremor creep tremor Click! Any ideas on how to improve the break? I've already reduced the pull weight to 5.5 lbs, which is fine and not...
  2. XD-S Discussion Room
    Has anyone else heard of this? I spoke with Daniel at PRP and he is sending me 2 to try. He said it will keep trigger pull in the 5 lbs range with stock striker spring. I already installed the kit with sear. He said they are just developing this new disconnector.
  3. XD-S Discussion Room
    Anyone out there have experience with PRP's new kit ? My post-recall manufactured XDS 45 3.3 has a whopping 9.75 lb pull, so I'm investing my 65 bucks...hopefully will get it down to 5 lbs or so.
  4. XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    My forum search would probably have been more successful if I knew exactly how to categorize the issue I'm having. Hopefully somebody here can help, regardless. We'll call it 'slide back-out'. Model: XDm 3.8 45acp Issue: User loads a full mag of 45acp, racks slide to load one round in the...
1-4 of 4 Results