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  1. NFA Talk
    I'm going to be building an SBR. Not real sure how it works everywhere else, but for my fellow Hoosiers, does it matter where I get my fingerprints done? My buddy has several NFA items and he says I don't have to have my lower engraved (he lives in KY if that matters). Is that true?
  2. AR Talk
    Check out this little bugger I just put together: Custom Built AR45 SBR based on the CMMG Guard. -CMMG Guard 45 bolt carrier and 8" barrel in .45 ACP/.45 Super/.450 SMC -Anderson MFG .458 Socom upper -MVB USC Magazine Adapter -H&K USC Magazines -Seekins Precision NOXS 7" rail -No name...
  3. AR Talk
    Here is SA's first AR offering for stamp collectors. I guess they don't plan on quitting the AR game any time soon. Soon to be out of stock everywhere. Saint & Saint Edge SBRs: SAINT™ AR-15 SBR - 5.56 - Springfield Armory SAINT™ EDGE AR-15 SBR - 5.56 - Springfield Armory
  4. AR Talk
    Picked up a couple Ruger lowers last year and have been playing around with some different builds. I form 1’ed one of them and it came back finally. Decided to build a new HD gun and will relegate my other shorty for training/range. Started with a Ruger lower and a Daniel Defense LPK. Trying out...
  5. NFA Talk
    Bout damn time.
  6. AR Talk
    Last year before the newer NFA reg's took place I submitted forms for an SBR and suppressor. Got my stamps back a while ago so here we go. Bravo Company Upper and BCG with ambi charging handle. Bravo Company mil-spec buffer tube with H2 buffer Bravo Company ambi fire selector Bravo Company...