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  1. Reloading the 10mm - powders?

    The Ammo Can
    What powders to you like for the 10mm? For light to moderate, and heavy loads? I have AA#5 and #9. I here a lot about Longshot and Blue Dot ... Thanks from a newbie to 10mm.
  2. 9mm Brass - 1000 pcs. -- $49 Shipped

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    Decapped and cleaned. Please PM if interested.
  3. Reloading XDM .40

    XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    I am looking to set up a reloading station and am wondering if this combination would work out. Looking for any downsides or anything that will not work out with this station. Set Up Hornady Lock N Load Auto Progressive Reloading Press Lee Precision 4 die set Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner...
  4. Alliant BE-86

    The Ammo Can
    Hey, all. I've been reloading 9mm for my 3.3 XDS using 115gr FMJ and 4.7 grains of CFE Pistol. I love the way the load handles, but its super dirty. I just ran out of CFE so I bought a pound of BE-86 under good recommendations. The Alliant website says to use 6.1 gr for 115gr bullets but I've...
  5. 40 USPSA/IPSC Load Data

    Hand Loaded Ammunition
    After a winter of working on the house I finally got back down to the basement and loaded 4 test loads for the upcoming USPSA/IPSC season. I previously used the first load listed 4.6 at 1.130 oal for last season, but wanted to see if I could get softer loads if possible. Based on the data...
  6. Reloading Supplies??

    The Ammo Can
    What's the best place to purchase reloading supplies online? My dad is already setup with a single stage press, which works great for rifles but not so much for pistols. I am looking at getting setup from scratch with a progressive press and everything else that goes along with reloading, just...
  7. Reloading .223 (556 NATO)

    Hand Loaded Ammunition
    Need a little help and hope somebody can get me straightened out - When reloading 556 NATO (LC) - 223 I use a EGW Chamber Checker . As you can see in the attached photo, one (loaded w/ bullet) case sits .003 higher. After the case is trimmed and resized it drops right into the chamber checker...
  8. Reloading, How anal are you??

    Hand Loaded Ammunition
    I was discussing reloading with a person in the gunshop the other day when a couple others piped up and put in their .02. I told that guy that when I reload for competition (bullseye). I do not accept any variance in powder. I mean I figure if I'm shooting for an "x" at 25 yards the size of a...