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  1. 911 .380 - Are they available yet?

    XD-S Discussion Room
    Moderators, not sure where this should go. If it needs to be moved, please do so. Does anyone know if the new 911 .380 is available yet? I haven't seen anything on it. Was just wondering. My daughter is thinking Sig P238, but the Springfield might be a consideration also. Thanks.
  2. Is There A Health/Fitness Fourm On Here?

    Springfield XD/XD(M) FAQ & Stickies
    It would seem fitting (no pun intended, lol) that there would be one, even in "Off Topic" but I can't find one .... I have some questions. Is there one? If not, can one be started?
  3. GLOCKING OUT: Selling all my perfect Glock magazines, accessories, 2-way radios and other gear

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    When Obama got elected I bought more firearms, including some Glock pistols. And I remembered how the Clinton Hi-cap Magazine Ban drove the price of used 15rnd Glock mags to $90. So I purchased extra magazines, too. I stashed the pistols in a safe and never fired them. This year I sold them...
  4. Female Going For My CCW Soon?

    CCW and Open Carry Talk
    Hey Ya'll, Soooooooo I'm going for my CCW permit soon, and was wondering if any of you had some tips? I will be carrying a Springfield XDs 9mm and have both a hip carry and ccw purse. Is it better to start off by wearing the firearm on my body? In the purse??? ANY tips are appriciated...
  5. GrizzXD: New to the community

    New Member Welcome Center
    Hello, fellow XD fans! I am a fresh gun owner. I purchased my first firearm this past Saturday, 3/18/17. After a bit of research I decided to go with the XDMod.2 45 Sub-compact. Due to the shortage of gun ranges in my area, I have yet to fire my new piece, however I am incredibly excited to do...
  6. WTS: Glock G21 Gen3 Magazines - 45ACP 13rnd NEW

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    11 LEFT (of 14) G21 Gen3 45ACP magazines in new condition. These fit any G21 and any G30 in standard configuration for a right-handed shooter. PRICE: $18 each plus delivery 5 mags fit in a small USPS Priority box, which costs $6.90 for the postage and covers insurance up to $50. So 5 mags...
  7. WTS XD45 Magazines: 45ACP 13rnd stainless steel, new

    XD Accessories for Sale
    ONLY 4 LEFT (of 9) I purchased these for an original model XD45 pistol, but never actually bought the gun (duh). I haven’t kept track of what other XD pistols these fit, so please make sure they fit your pistol before you buy. They’ve never been used or even fitted into a magazine well, and...
  8. One Shot Shell

    General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    Is it normal not to get the one shot shell with my XDM? I just bought mine and it was not in the case and i was just wondering if it was normal?
  9. Another SA XD newbie question

    General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    I bought a new XDs 45acp and it came with 2 mags, brush,lock,fired brass,2 back strap things and 1 mag ext sleeve for some reason since there was no extended mag...just flush fit mags. Is this the essentials kit? I was told SA does not do the gun,holster,mag holder, etc. I was not sure so I...
  10. New to Springfields - Katy, TX

    New Member Welcome Center
    Just ordered my XD Mod 2 .45 and it should be here early next week. I did lots of looking around and fell madly in love with Springfields. I wanted an XDM .45, but the main reason I wanted a gun was to carry concealed, so started looking at compact .45's. Once I saw the Mod 2 and read multiple...