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  1. New Member Welcome Center
    Just picked up the XD-E 9 mm and love it! It's my new EDC! Put several hundred rounds through it with out a single failure. I own a Scout Squad also. The best rifle I ever owned!
  2. New Member Welcome Center
    hi guys new member here, after extensive research on what would be my next pistol and out of a list of 8 candidates i chose the XD9 Service as the new adition to my gun safe, reliability was the main factor in my decision. and i am glad i found this forum as it seems to be populated with pretty...
  3. New Member Welcome Center
    I just acquired my 21st firearm, which is also my 12th handgun, my first .40 S&W, and my first Springfield. It's a Springfield XD40 subcompact. It was the property of my brother-in-law Chuck, who passed away January 1 of this year. My youngest son bought it from his Aunt Wendy, my little...
  4. New Member Welcome Center
    Hi all... new to all of this. Bought my first Springfield on the 5th of July. Still waiting for it just a few more days! Pretty excited after feeling the heat of all the California restrictions... we all gotta make due with what we got i guess! While I'm waiting for the 10 days of hell to be...
  5. New Member Welcome Center
    Hi! I'm Jonathan out of Alpine, Ca. I have a XD 4" Service .45ACP. Waiting on my background for the XD9 3" bitone subcompact 9mm. Also have a Mossberg 500. A ruger 1022LR. As well as an AR I just recently got through building...love hitting the range at least twice a month. Well just wanted to...
  6. New Member Welcome Center
    Hey guys new to forum as far as membership goes. Not new to firearms. Current pistols include Colt 1911's, xdm 9 and 40, xd 45 original and mod2, glocks 19/17, sig p229/p226, colt woodsman, h&k vp9, h&k usp, wanting a Dan Wesson Valor in duty black and currently looking at a p227 tactical as...
1-6 of 6 Results