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  1. XD Accessories for Sale
    Want to buy RH Milt Sparks holsters. PM me if you have any. Thanks!
  2. XD Accessories for Sale
    Switched to AIWB in lieu of a skateboarding accident, they've each seen less than 50 hours of wear. $110 each, they're $125 new and no wait/lead time :D Here's the XD-Sub holster Here's the XDs holster: The folks at SA are giving away four magazines so if you get into a new pistol a...
  3. XD Accessories for Sale
    Brand new milt sparks versamax 2 holster and 2 matching dual mag carriers. I used these one time to wear around the house and the other half decided to take over my xds for her carry weapon. So now im looking to help someone save some $ and 18 weeks of waiting. I paid $127 for holster and...
1-3 of 3 Results