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  1. XD-S Discussion Room
    I recently bought a .40 XD and have taken it to the range 4-5 times. Shoots great and I love it. Two days ago I was getting it ready to go back to the range and the magazine would not go in full (15). The mag goes in fine empty and the mag goes in with 10 rounds and no more. I tried another mag...
  2. XD Accessories for Sale
    The items I am selling are for the original XDS chambered in 9MM. I want to sell it as a whole package. The following is the list of items for sale. Pictures are attached below. I am located in New Jersey I will accept payment through PayPal friends and family. All of the items are barely used...
  3. XD MOD.2
    I have multiple magnetic gun/magazine bars mounted around the house. Bought my 9mm Mod.2 (which I love just like my XDM 40) and the magazines don’t stick to my mounts. My XDM was bought many moons ago, is this normal for newer guns/models?? Not real happy that my quick and easy, already mounted...
  4. XD-S Discussion Room
    What are your favorite and least favorite features of the XDs and why?
  5. XD Accessories for Sale
    Incog Eclipse, Black fuzz on black kydex. Made for XDM 3.8” but will fit all XDM’s, muzzle will stick out bottom. May fit XD’s too. Perfect condition. Only used a few times. $50 shipped XDM 13 round magazine with Pearce extension (doesn’t add round count) Perfect condition. Looks new. $20...
  6. XD Accessories for Sale
    I no longer own this gun and thought I had passed on all the magazines. Found this one in a drawer this morning. Minimal use. $15 includes shipping.
  7. XD MOD.2
    Hey, I'm new to this forum and was just curious about some things. I own a Springfield XD MOD 2 9mm service model, and when I fill the magazines all the way up with 16, one of the rounds seems to rattle around in the magazine, is this common or is there a way to fix this? Also I was looking to...
  8. Want To Buy
    I would like to buy somebody's XDM .45 mags. With the gear up promotion and the surplus of XDM mags I feel like $40 shipped is a fair price for 2. I'm sure somebody would rather have the money to put twards some other accessory for their pistol. Shoot me a PM.
  9. Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    For sale 2 mags for M&P 9c. Asking $36 for both shipped in conus.
  10. Want To Buy
    Hey all, I'm looking for .45acp 3.3" mags, mag holders, OWB holster for my Mod.2. the XD gear stuff is fine, as my Mod.2 didn't come with it cause I guess they don't wanna give more for your money anymore. I purchased it before this recent gear giveaway. Anyway, I'd prefer 13 rounders, Must...
  11. XD Accessories for Sale
    XD/m 45 13 and 16 Round Magazines, UpLULA, XDs EZ Grip Safety, & Punch Set- $125, I will pay for shipping and you pay any payment fees I sold my XDm 45 and XDs, so I have some accessories for sale that I would like to sell as a lot for $125 plus payment fees shipped to your door. I will accept...
  12. Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    11 LEFT (of 14) G21 Gen3 45ACP magazines in new condition. These fit any G21 and any G30 in standard configuration for a right-handed shooter. PRICE: $18 each plus delivery 5 mags fit in a small USPS Priority box, which costs $6.90 for the postage and covers insurance up to $50. So 5 mags...
  13. Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    These original Finnish-manufacture magazines hold 71 rounds of 9mm ammunition. They’re in GOOD CONDITION with good, undamaged feed lips. According to the NUMRICH Gun Parts website, these fit the following weapons: a) Suomi M31 b) Suomi M44 NUMRICH Gun Parts sells these in good to very good...
  14. Want To Buy
    Hey Guys & Gals, I am in need of a few 10 round 9mm xdm mags. I can trade 19 round mags if you would like or I could purchase them. Let me know if you are interested or know of where I could get some! Thanks! -Kee
  15. XD Accessories for Sale
    I have 10, 45 acp magazines for sale. There are five 10 rounders, three 5 rounders and two five rounders with Pearce extensions. I also have three extensions for the 10 rounders that I will just throw in with a purchase if someone wants them otherwise they are going in the trash. All of these...
  16. XD Accessories for Sale
    Selling an extra XD 9mm 16 rd X-tended mag - slightly used - external wear in new condition - retail $40, selling for $30 - negotiable - See photos Fits: For Both XD® Sub-Compact and XD® Mod.2 Specifications and Features: Springfield Armory XD0933 9mm Luger 16 Round Capacity Stainless steel...
  17. Want to Trade
    I have one new unused and never installed 10 round flush fit 9mm sub-compact magazine that fits both the XD and Mod 2 (SKU: XD1923). I would like to trade for a 13 round XD/Mod 2 magazine (SKU: XD1924).
  18. XD Accessories for Sale
    Selling (1) XD Gear .45 Magazine Pouch, brand new, never used. Not for sale anywhere else. I will accept PayPal only. $22 shipped.
1-18 of 30 Results