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  1. Other Firearms for Sale
    Recently I put up for sale three OD Green Gen3 Glock 9mm pistols. All manufactured in Austria in 2008: 1) The NIB Unfired G26 subcompact SOLD to a buyer in CALIFORNIA for $700 plus $50 delivery. 2) The NIB Unfired G19 compact SOLD to a buyer in MISSISSIPPI for $700 plus $50 delivery. 3) Only...
  2. Other Firearms for Sale
    This Glock G19 is Rare and Desirable for the following reasons: 1. Original Gen3 manufactured back in 2008. Like New In Box, only 40 test rounds fired. 2. CALIFORNIA COMPLIANT. California does not allow American-made Glocks into the state, but this like-new Austrian-made pistol is completely...
1-2 of 2 Results