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  1. Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    Takeoff from a KAC lower (doing a SASS clone). Buttpad shows a little use from banging around the safe. Otherwise it’s in perfect working order. 125.00 shipped with tracking PayPal only (unless we’ve done business before) PM me if you’ve got questions
  2. AR Talk
    Cant remember if it’s both Snap and Bunk or one or the other. Anywho I picked up an LMT Ambi lower and it’s got their 2 stage combat trigger in it. Just looking for some first hand impressions of the trigger. I don’t have any experience with it and I remember the horrors of having to swap out...
  3. AR Talk
    Picked up a couple Ruger lowers last year and have been playing around with some different builds. I form 1’ed one of them and it came back finally. Decided to build a new HD gun and will relegate my other shorty for training/range. Started with a Ruger lower and a Daniel Defense LPK. Trying out...
  4. Want to Trade
    I’ve got an LMT SOPMOD kit that is made specifically for the Knights Armament E3 rifles. Has the LMT SOPMOD stock and LMT buffer tube. I want to trade the tube for an LMT M4 tube. They’re similar except mine is an inch shorter and isn’t flared like the regular LMT tubes are. The bottom tube is...
1-4 of 4 Results