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    Hey guys! Im trying to figure out wht kind of light i want to get for my 9mm subcompact. Ive read over discussion boards going back and forth between the olight pl-2 valkyrie mini and the streamlight tlr-3. i wanted a light/laser combo and the olight balder mini came up. does anyone knw if this...
  2. Non-XD Handguns
    Does anybody know if any of the “automatically” activated lasers fit the Hellcat? Such as the Crimson Trace LG-469, LG-496 or LG-422.
  3. Springfield XD/XD(M) FAQ & Stickies
    Has anyone tried the Streamlight TLR6 on a XDM 40 3.8"? Any other recommendations appreciated
  4. XD-S Discussion Room
    I ordered the XD-S Mod.2 with the Viridian laser. After research, I realized it is the E series red laser. I am looking into ordering the viridian reactor r5 gen 2 green laser or a crimson trace green trigger guard laser. I am a bit concerned about the reactor r5 because the power button is...
  5. XD-E Discussion Room - XD(E)
    Go to this link to request laser models for the XD-e. I myself want a LaserGuard Pro red for the XDe. should be easy for CT, since they have one for the XD-s, just need to modify the mold a bit for the trigger guard and good to go! New model request form. Contact Us | Crimson Trace Lasergrips
  6. XD-E Discussion Room - XD(E)
    Looking for recommendations for a laser for the XDE. Personally I have had poor durability from crimson trace's laser on my Ruger LCP Custom. I am on my second laser. To their credit, they did replace my first one, but didn't pay for the return shipping (pretty cheap if you ask me). The 1st...
  7. XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    Hey guys I recently picked up my XDM 9mm full size 3.8" and immediately put on the Crimson Trace Green Laserguard. Ever since I've been struggling to find a holster that accommodates the laserguard as well as my carry position of choice. Appendix carry. Does anyone know of a vendor that...
  8. XD-S Discussion Room
    I just got the xds 3.3 9mm and I am curious if anyone has put a red dot sight on as a range / carry gun. I seen where M.R.A has made a dove tail red dot sight plate . If anyone has one and have pictures I would greatly appreciate it!
  9. XD-S Discussion Room
    What laser do you guys recommend for the XDS. I like the guide rod laser but I do not believe they had that for the XDS yet. Other than that I pretty much just been looking at Crimson Trace! thanks..