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  1. Hellcat Laser help

    Non-XD Handguns
    Does anybody know if any of the “automatically” activated lasers fit the Hellcat? Such as the Crimson Trace LG-469, LG-496 or LG-422.
  2. XDM 40 3.8" laser/light recommendations

    Springfield XD/XD(M) FAQ & Stickies
    Has anyone tried the Streamlight TLR6 on a XDM 40 3.8"? Any other recommendations appreciated
  3. Can anyone test trigger guard lasers from xd-s to xd-s mod.2?

    XD-S Discussion Room
    I ordered the XD-S Mod.2 with the Viridian laser. After research, I realized it is the E series red laser. I am looking into ordering the viridian reactor r5 gen 2 green laser or a crimson trace green trigger guard laser. I am a bit concerned about the reactor r5 because the power button is...
  4. Request Crimson Trace Lasers for the XDe

    XD-E Discussion Room - XD(E)
    Go to this link to request laser models for the XD-e. I myself want a LaserGuard Pro red for the XDe. should be easy for CT, since they have one for the XD-s, just need to modify the mold a bit for the trigger guard and good to go! New model request form. Contact Us | Crimson Trace Lasergrips
  5. Laser for XDE Crimson Trace or Viridian Reactor

    XD-E Discussion Room - XD(E)
    Looking for recommendations for a laser for the XDE. Personally I have had poor durability from crimson trace's laser on my Ruger LCP Custom. I am on my second laser. To their credit, they did replace my first one, but didn't pay for the return shipping (pretty cheap if you ask me). The 1st...
  6. XDM with Crimson Trace Laserguard Conceal Holster?

    XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    Hey guys I recently picked up my XDM 9mm full size 3.8" and immediately put on the Crimson Trace Green Laserguard. Ever since I've been struggling to find a holster that accommodates the laserguard as well as my carry position of choice. Appendix carry. Does anyone know of a vendor that...
  7. Xds 3.3 9mm red dot sights?

    XD-S Discussion Room
    I just got the xds 3.3 9mm and I am curious if anyone has put a red dot sight on as a range / carry gun. I seen where M.R.A has made a dove tail red dot sight plate . If anyone has one and have pictures I would greatly appreciate it!
  8. Xds laser

    XD-S Discussion Room
    What laser do you guys recommend for the XDS. I like the guide rod laser but I do not believe they had that for the XDS yet. Other than that I pretty much just been looking at Crimson Trace! thanks..