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home invasion

  1. Texas home invasion - seven-year-old tortured in front of parents

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    'Cowards' placed boy, 7, underwater in bathtub as parents watch during home invasion, sheriff says Texas home Invasion: 7 year old tortured in front of parents | The Modern Survivalist "Once this reality sinks in and is fully assimilated then believe you me, you will no longer care for...
  2. Des Moines, WA - dog takes bullet for teen during home invasion

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    Hero dog takes bullet for teenager in Des Moines home invasion The family has a GoFundMe page for the dog if you'd like to help. Click here to support Help Save Rex The Heroe Dog organized by Susy Cadena
  3. Oklahoma - 3 robbers took the room-temperature test

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    Oklahoma man armed with AR-15 kills 3 breaking into his father's home
  4. Carry at home?

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    I personally carry from the time I get dressed in the morning until I strip down at night. This means that I also carry while in my home. I have a baby girl so (to keep her from getting ahold of it) my pistol never leaves the holster until I swap to the extended mag and lock it in my Fort Knox...