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  1. Did I destroy my slide by using the wrong tool?

    XD Gunsmithing and Maintenance
    So I bought the precision spring kit from PRP to reduce the pull weight of my XD-S 9mm. I'm in no way a gunsmith and I don't have the right tools, but it seemed simple enough and it's advertised as a DIY affair so I tried to install the parts myself and ended up damaging my slide a bit. I don't...
  2. Looking for help with my lost front sight

    I'm not sure how but my front sight fell off. I have a Springfield 1911a1 with factory Novak night sights, well I did anyway. I've seen so many different sizes that I don't know which ones will even fit now. I plan to call Springfield tomorrow but I was wanting to change them out even before...
  3. Help Decoding Item Number?

    XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    I cross posted this because i'm not quite sure where it belongs. I've been looking at getting a new XDM, but some of the for sale postings that I have read appear to be the same gun, but have different item numbers. How can I read them? XDM9389CBHCE XDM9389CBHCLE XDM9389CBNJ XDM9389CBNJE C =...
  4. is this model so new, or are companies this lazy?

    XD-S Discussion Room
    I just added a XDS 45, 4" for CC and I'm trying to find appropriate accessories for it. So let's go in order of precedence: What's the best IWB for the 4" XDS? I know this is an opinionated answer, but I just want to find what will be best for concealment and ease of use. I've seen the direct...