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  1. Why are there no political threads in the Forum labeled "Political Discussions"??

    Forum Feedback, Issues
    Why aren't there some threads under "political" such as "funny political pics", or "political jokes", or some such?? And why do I see all the political discussions over in the XD Chatter Box, or did that rule just get forgotten/discarded? I'd like to start some threads in the political...
  2. Did I destroy my slide by using the wrong tool?

    XD Gunsmithing and Maintenance
    So I bought the precision spring kit from PRP to reduce the pull weight of my XD-S 9mm. I'm in no way a gunsmith and I don't have the right tools, but it seemed simple enough and it's advertised as a DIY affair so I tried to install the parts myself and ended up damaging my slide a bit. I don't...
  3. Looking for help with my lost front sight

    I'm not sure how but my front sight fell off. I have a Springfield 1911a1 with factory Novak night sights, well I did anyway. I've seen so many different sizes that I don't know which ones will even fit now. I plan to call Springfield tomorrow but I was wanting to change them out even before...
  4. Help Decoding Item Number?

    XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    I cross posted this because i'm not quite sure where it belongs. I've been looking at getting a new XDM, but some of the for sale postings that I have read appear to be the same gun, but have different item numbers. How can I read them? XDM9389CBHCE XDM9389CBHCLE XDM9389CBNJ XDM9389CBNJE C =...
  5. is this model so new, or are companies this lazy?

    XD-S Discussion Room
    I just added a XDS 45, 4" for CC and I'm trying to find appropriate accessories for it. So let's go in order of precedence: What's the best IWB for the 4" XDS? I know this is an opinionated answer, but I just want to find what will be best for concealment and ease of use. I've seen the direct...