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  1. Best & Worst

    XD-S Discussion Room
    What are your favorite and least favorite features of the XDs and why?
  2. XD 40 Stippling/Grip modification

    XD Gunsmithing and Maintenance
    So i wanted to share my first stipple job i did on my XD 40. Stippled the chaotic pattern along with cutting a custom xd logo into the grip. feedback welcome.
  3. HELP! My grip safety does not block trigger movement

    XD Gunsmithing and Maintenance
    I disassembled my XDs to see how it works. Now, after reassembling the gun the grip safety will not prevent the trigger from being pulled. The safety has tension and both the bar and spring appear to be set properly. So, what could I have missed?
  4. Springer Persicion Marine Grip

    Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    I'm looking to upgrade my XD 45's grip. Anybody put the Springer Persicion marine grips on? Pros and cons?