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  1. WTT/WTS Sig 365 with a bunch of extras

    XD Firearms for Sale
    Sig 365 with roughly 350 rounds through the pistol. It will come with a desantis leather thumb break OWB holster, Desantis AIWB holster, the standard 365 grip module as well as the 365XL module, 7 magazines, 4 12 round magazines, 2 10 round magazines and 1 15 round magazine. One of the 10 round...
  2. GLOCKING OUT: Selling all my perfect Glock magazines, accessories, 2-way radios and other gear

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    When Obama got elected I bought more firearms, including some Glock pistols. And I remembered how the Clinton Hi-cap Magazine Ban drove the price of used 15rnd Glock mags to $90. So I purchased extra magazines, too. I stashed the pistols in a safe and never fired them. This year I sold them...
  3. GLOCK 19 GEN4

    Other Firearms for Sale
    Davidson Special - Cerakote Tactical Grey Slide, Cerakote Blue Titanium Frame Talon Grips 3 15 rd magazines Updated to Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights 200 rds thru pistol - Excellent Condition - Great shooter - Never Carried Factory case, Manual, back straps, etc. $500 Prefer FTF Northern Illinois
  4. My yearlong experience with 2 Holsters.

    Gear Talk
    Was gonna hit the range today but it's raining. I've been meaning to post about this so let's do it. I wanted to do a comparison between 2 popular Holsters. Wear each one for 6 months or so and see what I thought after. Let me caveat this with these are my own experiences and thoughts. Yours...
  5. It's here. After weeks of waiting Polymer 80

    Non-XD Handguns
    Ordered this over Memorial Day weekend from Brownells during their sale. 2 days after ordering it went on backorder because apparently they didn't actually have them yet. Finally shipped last week and after having to make a trip to the post office to retrieve it it's time to build a gun. Color...
  6. Glock Armorer

    Non-XD Handguns
    Today I completed the Glock Armorers Course in Columbus, Ohio. Very good content and delivery. We had a written exam and a practical exam. For the latter we had to disassemble and reassemble a G17 "down to its last molecule"...five times!
  7. Where is the Glock 17M these days?

    Non-XD Handguns
    It's been about 5 months since the photos of the 17M were leaked. It was allegedly issued to some PDs about the same time and then allegedly recalled shortly after. There have been no updates on the status of the M glocks since. Not even a mention at SHOT show (AFAIK). Is it real? Was it...
  8. WTS: Glock G21 Gen3 Magazines - 45ACP 13rnd NEW

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    11 LEFT (of 14) G21 Gen3 45ACP magazines in new condition. These fit any G21 and any G30 in standard configuration for a right-handed shooter. PRICE: $18 each plus delivery 5 mags fit in a small USPS Priority box, which costs $6.90 for the postage and covers insurance up to $50. So 5 mags...
  9. WTS: Glock G19 2008 LNIB Gen3 OD Green Green – Rare, Desirable, still Collectible and CALIFORNIA LEG

    Other Firearms for Sale
    This Glock G19 is Rare and Desirable for the following reasons: 1. Original Gen3 manufactured back in 2008. Like New In Box, only 40 test rounds fired. 2. CALIFORNIA COMPLIANT. California does not allow American-made Glocks into the state, but this like-new Austrian-made pistol is completely...
  10. WTS: Glock G19 2008 NIB Gen3 OD Green – Rare, Desirable, Collectible and CALIFORNIA LEGAL

    Other Firearms for Sale
    This Glock G19 is Rare, Desirable and Collectible for the following reasons: 1. Original Gen3 manufactured back in 2008. New In Box, unfired. 2. CALIFORNIA COMPLIANT. California does not allow American-made Glocks into the state, but this like-new Austrian-made pistol is completely...
  11. Gen 5 Glocks on the horizon?

    Non-XD Handguns
    The F.B.I recently awarded their new handgun contract to Glock. I read the the original requirements that the pistol had to have and a few make it sound like we're going to see a Gen 5. They have to be equipped with Trijicon night sights. No finger grooves. Must have ambidextrous controls...
  12. Sorry, Glock.

    XD MOD.2
  13. Anyone switch from Glock to SA and for what reasons?

    General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    I just got my first XD and it's the XDs 45acp with 4" barrel. I love the thing and shot it better than my Glocks. Nothing against Glocks but I find I have to practice some with the Glock to be consistantly decent with it. But my first time out and the subsequent 2 more times and I shot the XD...
  14. FT: XDm 9mm 3.8 Compact for Glock (Seattle)

    XD Firearms for Sale
    I have a very nice used XDm 3.8 Compact in 9mm, comes with (1) 13 round mag with pinky extension, (2) 19 round mags, Talon rubberized grips, Crossbreed IWB holster, custom leather OWB holster and mag holder and the other stuff that comes in the XDm box. Round count is somewhere near 700 and the...
  15. Trijicon Glock front and rear Tritium night sights

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    Bought these a month ago for my Glock 19. They're 2016 date codes purchased from Optics Planet. Paid about 100 bucks. The front is .205 high to replicate the Glock "Drop in the bucket" sight picture. My 19 is getting a can and suppressor sights. They've seen a few hundred rounds I'd guess. I'm...
  16. My new single clip IWB.....a review of sorts

    Gear Talk
    As a few of you know over the past month and a half I've acquired a Glock 32 and a Glock 19. Prior to going with these I have normally carried fuller framed guns both on and off duty. My previous go-to was a Sig P229 in .357 Sig. I carried that a P226 and even an XD Service on occasion. Any...
  17. Want to trade paintball gear for handgun

    Want to Trade
    I would like to trade my paintball setup for a nice handgun. Show me whatcha got. Included: - Shocker NXT (pink) - Virtue board installed - Stock NXT board included - Stock 14" matching All American barrel (pink/black) - CP inline regulator short model (black) - Crossfire 45ci 4500psi HPA...