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glock 26

  1. Happy Halloween

    XD MOD.2
    Tested the Mod 2 vs Gock 26 and absolutely loved the Mod 2. Carried for a few weeks and bought my wife a Glock 43 as she wants to carry on her vs her purse which she normally carried a Glock 19. She didn't like the 43 at all, but had a blast (pun intended) with the Mod2. She asked if she could...
  2. XD Mod 2 vs. G26 ( both in 9mm)

    XD MOD.2
    Hello all, new to the site, but definitely a long time fan of SA. Wanted to share with you my testing of both the Mod 2 and the G26 as I was looking for a new carry. Found a range that rented both. The first 10 shots were fired at the 5 yard line. I took my time on each one just to see...