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  1. M1911
    Hello All, As the title says, I just picked one up. With 200 plus a couple rounds through it, I love it! Before putting it into EDC rotation, I wanted to make sure I addressed any known reliability issues. . . I'm reading stuff about needing to pin the ejector. . . or is it exctractor or is...
  2. SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    Blood Red Skies Over China Explained 300 Years Later
  3. SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    How do you get good at something? You practice doing it. Kim Duck Soup (Kim Jung Un) and North Korea have been busy practicing with missiles... Associated Press
  4. M1911
    I really really dig this. A lot 1911 EMP® 4” Concealed Carry Contour 9mm - Springfield Armory
  5. Photo Gallery
    My newest members of the family......
  6. Other Firearms for Sale
    Time to find my Springfield Armory EMP chambered in 9mm a better home that will use it more than I have. This gun has been shot very little since I purchased it about two years ago - maybe 200 rounds. It's also been sent to the SA customer shop - the front of the grip handle was checkered to...
1-6 of 6 Results