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  1. Higher risk of blackouts this Summer due to people WFH?

    SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    Brace for Blackouts in the Summer of COVID-19
  2. NIAC report - surviving a catasrophic power outage

    SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    The report in PDF format, released in December, 2018: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/NIAC%20Catastrophic%20Power%20Outage%20Study_508%20FINAL.pdf snippets: The risk posed by a catastrophic power outage, however, is not simply a bigger, stronger storm. It is something...
  3. WIRED - The Hail Mary plan to restart a hacked US electrical grid

    SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    The Hail Mary Plan to Restart a Hacked US Electric Grid