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  1. XD MOD.2
    What are the options out there for a XD Mod 2 .40 4" barrel conversion to 9mm? All I can find is EFK nowadays. It seems like there are no other options. What other models may fit? XDM? 3.8", 4.5 barrels?
  2. XD Accessories for Sale
    StormLake 34099 SF-XDM45-9MMC-460 Springfield 9mm Conv for 40S&W/357 Sig 4.6" Stainless Steel Also includes Wolff 16 Lbs recoil spring and striker spring. Approximate round count: 1240 Price: $110 plus $10 shipping and insurance. (USPS Priority Mail, 48 states) Paypal accepted
1-2 of 2 Results