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  1. SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    Slides for a recent ARRL presentation: Technicians: Life Beyond Repeaters http://tiny.cc/arrl-tech
  2. SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    I thought this was a good read. Three key questions will always be whom do you want to communication with, over what distance, and are they using the same bands (ie., ranges of frequency)? https://brushbeater.org/2020/12/07/the-venerable-and-infamous-cb-radio-by-sonofthunder/
  3. SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    I found a series of emails I sent to a friend approximately two years ago. I will post them here so anyone may make use of the information. Note I have both a GMRS license and an Amateur (Technician) license. GMRS Licensing The FCC offers a license with no testing, and it covers the family...
  4. SHTF/Survival&Disaster Preparedness
    This should be free to access. Use the arrows at the top to change pages. Some may find some useful tidbits in here. PageSuite
1-4 of 5 Results