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  1. General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    Narrowed it down to these two handguns. I cannot find a comparison anywhere? Which should I buy?
  2. CCW and Open Carry Talk
    I thought this was an interesting read. https://www.alloutdoor.com/2017/07/17/things-will-get-trouble-concealed-carry-gun/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=2019-01-08&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter
  3. Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    Hello all, wanted to share some information regarding my recent purchase for an IWB holster. I purchased the holster from eBay on 9/1/15 and it was delivered today at 9/18/15. I paid approximately $96 including shipping. I purchased the Onxy version for leftys. I was pleasantly surprised...
  4. XD-S Discussion Room
    I bought the 3.3" 45 version of the XDs and have the 7-rd mag for it. I put 50 rounds of Blazer brass through it without an issue, but with it being 230gr, it dropped like a rock. 3 different shooters, the same results. So first question, does anyone have a suggestion an ammo weight for carrying...
1-4 of 11 Results