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  1. American Eagle Syntech 9mm - Rebate & Gear Deal

    Factory Loaded Ammunition
    So I saw this American Eagle Syntech ammo double rebate and T-shirt deal offered on Cabela's and decided to give it a try. American Eagle® Syntech™ Handgun Ammunition : Cabela's Maxed out the rebate as follows: 10 x $14.99 (50-rd box) = $149.90 - $30 ($20 + $10 rebates) = Total Cost $119.90...
  2. Worst Gun Store Experience?

    XDTalk Chatter Box
    I just posted a response to another thread about an experience I had in a Cabelas store where a pro shop employee pointed a Glock at me when he was safety checking it. That got the wheels turning. So I did a few forum searches here and I didnt see a thread about this. What was your worst...