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  1. Gear Talk
    Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry & Range [2017] - Pew Pew Tactical I am not affiliated with the website or any of the four companies.
  2. XD MOD.2
    New to the site but thought about posting this belt clip up to see if anyone has used it and what they thought about it. I have a subcompact mod 2 and thinking about buying this product for concealment use. What do you think about the clip? Does it damage the back of the pistol at all...
  3. Non-Firearms Related for Sale
    listed on eBay for $60, free shipping. If anyone here wants it, I'll sell for $50, free shipping, if paid by paypal gift (no fees). Original SOE Gear 1.5" Rigid Cobra Duty Belt w/ velcro liner. Size 38 ... my guess is it will fit anywhere from 36-40. Lightly used. Great condition. Original SOE...
1-3 of 14 Results