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  1. BCM KMR 15" Alpha rail

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    This is used but in great condition. 15" rail with all mounting accessories nut, wrench etc. Will also come with 2 BCM sling QD mounts and 3 packages of BCM rail covers (some have been trimmed) and a Daniel Defense vertical foregrip. With the extras 160.00 shipped seems fair. PayPal F&F Shipped...
  2. Carrier groups BCM PSA

    AR Talk
    So, a few months back Palmetto had a special on their "premium" non logo BCG's. I've always preferred a milspec bolt and 2 for 160 bucks or whatever it was sounded good. They arrive packaged well but bone dry. One I lube up and throw into my latest build and the other was a spare. To the range I...
  3. Rebuild time

    AR Talk
    I've had this BCM barrel sitting around for a while. Had it in an Aero upper but their tolerances weren't very tight. Barrel slid in with no resistance. I shot it a few times and it was all over the place for accuracy. BCM had a sale on their demo/blem uppers last week so I scooped one up...