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  1. XD-45ACP Discussion Room
    I have a 80% 9mm lower that take Glock mags. I was looking at the Glock mags and the 45 acp XD mags and the XD mag is slightly thicker than the glock mag. The XD mag is longer bc the 45acp bullets length. It looks like the lower that I have has material at the back of the mag that can be...
  2. AR Talk
    Check out this little bugger I just put together: Custom Built AR45 SBR based on the CMMG Guard. -CMMG Guard 45 bolt carrier and 8" barrel in .45 ACP/.45 Super/.450 SMC -Anderson MFG .458 Socom upper -MVB USC Magazine Adapter -H&K USC Magazines -Seekins Precision NOXS 7" rail -No name...
1-2 of 2 Results