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  1. PSA JAKL: My kryptonite...

    AR Talk
    Gentleman, we all have weaknesses... Some of us are suckers for quality wheel guns, others have affinities toward knives. You might be thoroughly skeptical of new things that come out that other people are drop dead hyped about. In all honesty, that is me 98% of the time. I am usually skeptical...
  2. WTS: 9mm AR Mags (Colt Style) - C Products, Promag, and UZI (PA)

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    Need to clean out the safe and make some space. For Sale 6 Stainless Steel C Products Inc 32 Round Magazines (Colt Style). All are used and work flawlessly. $120 shipped to continental US (PP F&F). Message me for FTF discount. Currently living in occupied territory 19104, but can meet in...
  3. Geissele SSA-E

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    Ended up with a few of these and one of my projects has taken a different turn. It’s had 20 rounds on it for a function check. Comes with the small slave pin for install. 170.00 shipped with tracking PayPal Not looking for trades
  4. Let’s refinish some USGI mags.

    AR Talk
    I’ve got approximately 60 USGI mags that are beat up on the outside. I’ve got 2 cans of Perma-Slik-G Let’s refinish some mags. Doing batches of 15. 1) strip mags (floorplate, spring and follower) 2) clean and degrease 3) dry by heating in oven 4) spray 5) let dry for 6 hours 6) load them...
  5. Surefire M600P Fury Scoutlight

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    600 lumens. Z68 click cap. Comes with a Gear Sector offset mount and factory mount. Box manuals etc. No issues or any real use. Just going to a NV setup on the rifle it was on. 210.00 shipped with tracking and insurance PayPal only Shoot me a PM with questions
  6. LMT SOPMOD stock Gen 2

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    Takeoff from a KAC lower (doing a SASS clone). Buttpad shows a little use from banging around the safe. Otherwise it’s in perfect working order. 125.00 shipped with tracking PayPal only (unless we’ve done business before) PM me if you’ve got questions
  7. Upping their AR game again... New SBRs from Springfield

    AR Talk
    Here is SA's first AR offering for stamp collectors. I guess they don't plan on quitting the AR game any time soon. Soon to be out of stock everywhere. Saint & Saint Edge SBRs: SAINT™ AR-15 SBR - 5.56 - Springfield Armory SAINT™ EDGE AR-15 SBR - 5.56 - Springfield Armory
  8. Clones. Let’s build a clone

    AR Talk
    After finishing an XM177E2 I moved on to an MK18. Now it’s time for an M4A1 SOPMOD Block 2. A few caveats. Yes it’ll be heavy. Yes it’ll be expensive. Not gonna post prices because most of this stuff needs to be found second hand. In no particular order let’s start with the upper. (My RIS II...
  9. Eotech XPS2-0 and G23 Magnifier

    Optics For Sale or Trade
    Want to try something different on my backup rifle so my spare G23 and XPS2-0 are for sale. Both are in great condition. No scratches or blemishes on the glass. Hood on the XPS has a few rub marks but nothing major. Being my backup it’s seen little use. Have cases and paperwork for both plus...
  10. I built a new shorty for home defense.

    AR Talk
    Picked up a couple Ruger lowers last year and have been playing around with some different builds. I form 1’ed one of them and it came back finally. Decided to build a new HD gun and will relegate my other shorty for training/range. Started with a Ruger lower and a Daniel Defense LPK. Trying out...
  11. WTT buffer tubes. LMT KAC

    Want to Trade
    I’ve got an LMT SOPMOD kit that is made specifically for the Knights Armament E3 rifles. Has the LMT SOPMOD stock and LMT buffer tube. I want to trade the tube for an LMT M4 tube. They’re similar except mine is an inch shorter and isn’t flared like the regular LMT tubes are. The bottom tube is...
  12. Colt reversible ambidextrous safety selector

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    OEM Colt reversible ambidextrous selector. Bought a few of these for clone builds but I’m not gonna use this one. Colt doesn’t sell these and they’re kinda hard to find. They’re especially nice for lefties because you can reverse which side you want it on. Cage code is engraved on the short...
  13. BCM KMR 15" Alpha rail

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    This is used but in great condition. 15" rail with all mounting accessories nut, wrench etc. Will also come with 2 BCM sling QD mounts and 3 packages of BCM rail covers (some have been trimmed) and a Daniel Defense vertical foregrip. With the extras 160.00 shipped seems fair. PayPal F&F Shipped...
  14. Magpul sights Gen 2 FDE

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    Set of mounted Gen 2 FDE back up sights. Sat on an unfired upper. 60 bucks shipped with USPS tracking. PayPal friends and family
  15. BCM KMR Alpha 13" rail

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    LNIB Bravo Company 13" KMR Alpha rail. Came on a factory upper that I swapped for a Geissele rail. Never had a round fired while on. No nicks or scratches. Will come with a brand new barrel nut not the one that's already been installed and a Daniel Defense broomstick. Retails for 190. Selling...
  16. Dpms Oracle scopes?

    AR Talk
    Hey guys new to the forums! Just got a dpms oracle as I'm a college kid and don't wanna break the bank but was wondering if a vortex crossfire 24 power would hold up on the 223/556? Looking just to coyote hunt and try to make some mmooneeyy!! Wanna be able to see out there a ways and maybe pull...
  17. Want to trade MBUS sights

    Want to Trade
    I've got this set of Magpul MBUS sights in FDE. Front was recently replaced under warranty but the rear has been mounted. I want to swap them for a black set. Had my upper Cerakoted FDE and they blend in too much now. They're not reproductions or Airsoft garbage. Reckon I'd also trade for a T1...
  18. Holosun503G-ACSS initial impressions and review

    Optics and Glass
    For a while I've been contemplating going to a red dot type sight with a scope type reticle. I looked at these last year but reviews seemed to be hit and miss. Over the last few months people have seemed to be having better experiences so Wednesday I ordered one from Primary Arms. It showed up...
  19. Oklahoma - 3 robbers took the room-temperature test

    CCW and Open Carry Talk
    Oklahoma man armed with AR-15 kills 3 breaking into his father's home
  20. It's SBR time. My new build thread.

    AR Talk
    Last year before the newer NFA reg's took place I submitted forms for an SBR and suppressor. Got my stamps back a while ago so here we go. Bravo Company Upper and BCG with ambi charging handle. Bravo Company mil-spec buffer tube with H2 buffer Bravo Company ambi fire selector Bravo Company...