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  1. New to Springfield - XDM Elite 9mm

    XD-E Discussion Room - XD(E)
    Man I’m so new to this! Just bought an XDM Elite 9mm but I had no clue I had to find a bracket to fit an optic. Yes Springfield sends you one for free, but I know that I saw that all 3 brackets were included with the pistol. Now I’m sitting here with an optic that I can not install until my...

    Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    Any suggestions for better suppressor height sights for my XDM 9mm OSP? The all black is a little difficult for me to acquire targets quickly. I do not have a red dot currently but plan on getting one but for now I'd like iron sights that are easier for me to see. I apologize if this has already...
  3. Need help with replacement striker guide

    XD-S Discussion Room
    I bought this --> Aluminum XDS # 27 Striker Guide: XDGunParts.com, LLC to replace the original plastic striker guide in my XD-S 9mm after noticing that it was cracked. I installed the new part but now my trigger pull is absolutely atrocious. I have to squeeze extremely hard and pull it all the...
  4. [North Carolina]XDM 3.8 9mm Night sights, holster

    XD Firearms for Sale
    Springfield Armory XDM 3.8 9mm Full size, black for sale 19 round x 3 magazines Extended Grip Safety Trijicon Tritium Night Sights Desantis Leather Holster Case and Accessories $350 Pistol Purchase Permit/CCH and photo ID Or meet at FFL
  5. WTT/WTS Sig 365 with a bunch of extras

    XD Firearms for Sale
    Sig 365 with roughly 350 rounds through the pistol. It will come with a desantis leather thumb break OWB holster, Desantis AIWB holster, the standard 365 grip module as well as the 365XL module, 7 magazines, 4 12 round magazines, 2 10 round magazines and 1 15 round magazine. One of the 10 round...
  6. XDM OSP 9mm need adaptor plates for Optics

    Springfield XD/XD(M) Accessories
    hello this is my first post here to the forum. I recently purchased the xdm osp 9mm and when I got it home there were no adaptor plates included with it. Where can I purchase them if Springfield won’t send me any?
  7. Dara Holster and Streamlight TLR-6 Combo for Mod.2 3”

    XD Accessories for Sale
    For sale is (1) Dara IWB Holster for the XD Mod.2 Subcompact 9mm/.40 with (1) Streamlight TLR-6 Rail Mount (69291). I am including the TLR-6 with the holster as a combo; will not sell separately. The holster clip can be adjusted from 0-15 degree cant for appendix or right hip carry. The TLR-6...
  8. WTS: 9mm AR Mags (Colt Style) - C Products, Promag, and UZI (PA)

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    Need to clean out the safe and make some space. For Sale 6 Stainless Steel C Products Inc 32 Round Magazines (Colt Style). All are used and work flawlessly. $120 shipped to continental US (PP F&F). Message me for FTF discount. Currently living in occupied territory 19104, but can meet in...
  9. Springfield XD-M 9mm (4.5” Full-Size)

    XD Firearms for Sale
    Selling a full frame 4.5" Springfield XDm 9mm. It comes with everything it came with from the factory - including test fire bullet. None of the accessories have been used. I will include the hollow points and 300 rds of FMJ for a local purchase: KY 42003 It comes with 2 spare magazines as...
  10. Reduced recoil spring

    XD MOD.2
    Hey everyone! Im new to the community here and had a couple of questions about modifying my 4" mod 2 in 9mm. Im reaching a point where im getting faster at target acquisition and firing speed. From what i understand, a reduced recoil spring might help? So here are my questions. 1. Will a...
  11. Nobody is buying full size 45s

    The Ammo Can
    Or, so says the guy behind the counter at my local shooting range. Actually, that was the second store rep to tell me that in the same week (the other being at a different store) as I tried to sell my Glock 21. "Everybody is buying compact nines," they said. This made some sense to me since that...
  12. New Xds Mod 2 9mm point of aim

    XD-S Discussion Room
    Hello all- new to the forum and new xds owner. A few weeks ago purchased the Xds mod 2 9mm with the tritium front night sight and so far I am pleased with it. Comfortable shooter, fair price, solid ergonomics, and hard to beat the xd gear up promo. I do however have an issue and was hoping...
  13. 9mm Brass - 1000 pcs. -- $49 Shipped

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    Decapped and cleaned. Please PM if interested.
  14. XDM 9mm concealed carry?

    XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    Does anyone concealed carry a XDM 9mm 4.5? I am looking into a concealed carry class, but am wondering if the XDM I have is to large to conceal. Any thoughts on good IWB holsters? Thanks
  15. XDM 4.5in Barrel frame rattles with and without mag both loaded and not loaded

    General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    As in the title, by 9mm XDM rattles when you shake it, I just got it yesterday and haven't shot it yet. I noticed when I was loading a magazine. I took the slide off and it wasn't the slide. It sounds like it's part of the frame connecting to the slide (sorry, still rather new to firearms) I was...

    XD MOD.2
    Hey guys, needing some help on the weight of the slide. I am looking at getting a custom aftermarket slide which they claim weighs much less than factory. But was curious if anyone knew how much the factory slide weighs with out all internals and with out ejector? Much appreciated and happy...
  17. Sig Sauer P938 - Arizona

    Other Firearms for Sale
    For sale is my Sig P938. I am going back to the polymer 9mm game with either a G43 or XDS. So, I'm selling the 938. $650 gets you the gun and two holsters shipped to your FFL. The holsters are RDR Crossfire AIWB ($40) and a Stealthgear Revolution AIWB ($59). The 938 has TG night sights (not the...
  18. GLOCKING OUT: Selling all my perfect Glock magazines, accessories, 2-way radios and other gear

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    When Obama got elected I bought more firearms, including some Glock pistols. And I remembered how the Clinton Hi-cap Magazine Ban drove the price of used 15rnd Glock mags to $90. So I purchased extra magazines, too. I stashed the pistols in a safe and never fired them. This year I sold them...
  19. XDS Trigger Safety chewing up Polymer Frame!!

    XD-S Discussion Room
    is this normal? It's got me upset. The back side of the finger trigger safety seems to be denting and marring the polymer frame? Is this normal!? It seems this would make the trigger safety guard less effective as a safety!
  20. Springfield Xd subcompact 9mm

    General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    just got my Springfield XD sub compact 9mm Last week, wondering if anyone has any info on brass vs steal casings on this gun. I found a good deal at a local ammo supply store on steal casings and wondering if anyone has had problems shooting steal casing with this model Any info and or...