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45acp magazine

  1. Xd Mod 2 45 acp (Hardcore Gun Porn)

    XD MOD.2
    Xd mod 2 45 acp with the following; Red and white color added to engraved markings Pearson Grip extension (adds +1) Pearson grip extension (not +1) 1-13 round extended magazine 2-10 round extended magazines Cook's Kydex IWB (right handed) holster Magazine loader Magazine holder Ammunition...
  2. Loving the mod. 2 45 acp

    XD MOD.2
    Hello everyone new to the xd site as well this being my first pistol. Springfield xd mod 2 45. Love the gun. Put 500 rounds the first week. No malfunctions smooth so far. Cleaned and oiled after playing. Looking at the aliengear owb/iwb two holster combo. Just wanted to hear about really...
  3. Springfield XDM 45 magazines, 13 round $10

    XD Accessories for Sale
    I have 3 XDM 45 magazines, new, $10 each.