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  1. Will a XDM magwell fit a XD in 45acp?

    XD-45ACP Discussion Room
    There not many options for a 45acp magwell 5' tactical so I am wondering if the XDM magwells will fit? Wanting to install a magwell on the XD and The guns look exactly the same and I am wondering if anyone has tried it? Anyone have any alternatives solutions it would be much appreciated. LMK thx !!
  2. Mod. 2 45 w/ Viridian C5L holster options

    XD MOD.2
    I just ordered a Viridian C5L for my Mod. 2 .45 subcompact, and want to know if anybody has some good holster recommendations?
  3. WTS: Glock G21 Gen3 Magazines - 45ACP 13rnd NEW

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    11 LEFT (of 14) G21 Gen3 45ACP magazines in new condition. These fit any G21 and any G30 in standard configuration for a right-handed shooter. PRICE: $18 each plus delivery 5 mags fit in a small USPS Priority box, which costs $6.90 for the postage and covers insurance up to $50. So 5 mags...
  4. WTS XD45 Magazines: 45ACP 13rnd stainless steel, new

    XD Accessories for Sale
    ONLY 4 LEFT (of 9) I purchased these for an original model XD45 pistol, but never actually bought the gun (duh). I haven’t kept track of what other XD pistols these fit, so please make sure they fit your pistol before you buy. They’ve never been used or even fitted into a magazine well, and...
  5. Low-key .45acp Mod.2 release

    XD MOD.2
    Springfield Armory discreetly released the .45acp Mod.2 in Service & Tactical sizes. Not even on the website yet; get 'em while they're hot! www.galleryofguns.com - Gun Genie - Davidson's most popular and powerful search engine to find and buy guns at galleryofguns.com www.galleryofguns.com...
  6. XDM 5.25 45ACP not going into battery

    General Springfield XD/XD(M) Talk
    I have owned this awesome pistol for nearly a year now and have shot well over 1000 rounds through it without any malfunctions. 2 weeks ago I had a PRP trigger kit installed by a local gunsmith who came highly recommended. I have taken my XDM to the range 2 times since getting it back. I love...
  7. XDS Mags and Holsters For Sale - Chandler, AZ

    XD Accessories for Sale
    I have 10, 45 acp magazines for sale. There are five 10 rounders, three 5 rounders and two five rounders with Pearce extensions. I also have three extensions for the 10 rounders that I will just throw in with a purchase if someone wants them otherwise they are going in the trash. All of these...
  8. Xd Mod 2 45 acp (Hardcore Gun Porn)

    XD MOD.2
    Xd mod 2 45 acp with the following; Red and white color added to engraved markings Pearson Grip extension (adds +1) Pearson grip extension (not +1) 1-13 round extended magazine 2-10 round extended magazines Cook's Kydex IWB (right handed) holster Magazine loader Magazine holder Ammunition...
  9. Advice on Decision-Making

    XD-S Discussion Room
    Hello, so this is my first post on the site. I'm not new to firearms, as I have shot, handled and cared after several. With a largely semi-antigun family, most of my exposure was thanks to friends from Church or work as I was going through college or an adult. As the latter, with my own...
  10. Tennessee Holsters vs Theis Holsters

    Gear Talk
    So I stopped carrying my XDM 3.8 Compact 45 a while back, and decided to start again. I've done a lot of research and the most talked about seemed to be Tennessee holsters and Theis holsters. I spoke to Larry from Tennessee holsters (and ordered a holster), who is very nice and more than willing...
  11. Para Ordinance P14 14 round magazine 45acp

    Other Firearms Accessories for Sale
    I have a used Para Ordinance (now USA) 14 round magazine for a Para Ordinance P14 1911 double stack chambered in 45acp. Manufactured in Canada when it was still Ordinance vs USA now. You must know your state rules regarding high capacity magazines. PayPal payment only. Send message if you...
  12. XDS picky with clearing live ammo?

    XD-S Discussion Room
    Has anyone else experienced their XDS being particularly picky with clearing live HP ammo? I have a 3.3" 45ACP that will only eat Hornady Critical Duty and FMJ. I've tried Hydra-shok, Winchester Defend, UMC, and Ranger-T and they all hung up in the ejection port when ejecting a live round...