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  1. XD-S Discussion Room
    I recently bought a .40 XD and have taken it to the range 4-5 times. Shoots great and I love it. Two days ago I was getting it ready to go back to the range and the magazine would not go in full (15). The mag goes in fine empty and the mag goes in with 10 rounds and no more. I tried another mag...
  2. Want To Buy
    I am looking for 2 or 3 XDm 40S&W magazines. Only want SA and no aftermarket magazines. Also need a rear sight. The one I have has the laser on it and its hideous. A stock sight or a set of sights is ok. Let me know what you have for sale. Thanks.
  3. XD-M Discussion Room - XD(M)
    I am looking to set up a reloading station and am wondering if this combination would work out. Looking for any downsides or anything that will not work out with this station. Set Up Hornady Lock N Load Auto Progressive Reloading Press Lee Precision 4 die set Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner...
  4. XD Gunsmithing and Maintenance
    Hey guys, this is my first post on the forum so I hope it's in the right place. I am a little concerned about the feed ramp on my XD40sub. Tonight I noticed a small U shaped indent on the feed ramp, and a small nick in it as well. I was curious if the small U shape is meant to be there or not...
1-4 of 5 Results