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  1. XD Accessories for Sale
    Used them only once or twice, so they are in brand-new condition. $30 each or both for $50, plus shipping.
  2. XD-S Discussion Room
    In Texas, we have the luxury of open carry. Not endorsing the idea of flaunting a firearm, but it does make it much easier to carry concealed with less concern. A comfortable OWB holster and an untucked shirt unbuttoned in the front offers the quickest access to the greatest firepower without...
  3. XD-S Discussion Room
    Anyone out there have experience with PRP's new kit ? My post-recall manufactured XDS 45 3.3 has a whopping 9.75 lb pull, so I'm investing my 65 bucks...hopefully will get it down to 5 lbs or so.
1-3 of 3 Results