WTT Springfield XD9sc for 4" or 5" in 9mm - TRADED!

Discussion in 'Want to Trade' started by rdinatal, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Springfield XD9sc to trade for 4" or 5" in 9mm

    Springfield XD9 Subcompact
    Black on black
    All OEM XD Gear: holster, mag holder, 10 & 16 rd mags, case
    Customized Blackhawk CQC SERPA holster shortened to fit

    Near new condition, very well taken care of. Bought Feb 19, 2007, approximately 500 rds

    Selling because my daughter wants to start IDPA. She likes the XD but while the sub-compact is great for carry the 3" is not best for her to start out with.

    F2F - No 4473 to fill out!!
    In NC : Permit or Carry Permit & BOS
    Outside : Ship to your FFL (on a trade, cost for buyers)
    Location: Charlotte, NC area

    XD9 Tactical or Service
    1911 5" in 9mm

    Email what you have to "rdinatal(at)yahoo.com" as I don't login here often.


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